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    Editing is for pieces that need a lot of work. A good edit will make sure that your ideas make sense, your structure is clear, and your writing sounds great. Most of the documents that we get need editing. When we edit, we don’t just fix your mistakes. We tell you what was [...]


Proofreading is for documents that are already finished, but need a check for mistakes before they are published. Proofreading is for writers who need another set of eyes to check things, or who are just not sure about a few points. A good proofread makes sure that a well-written piece of writing is perfect. Is [...]


Copywriting is for when you want us to write something for you. You know what you want to say, but are not sure how to say it, or you just need someone to create something for you. We will work from basics to create the piece that you need. Just send us the ideas for [...]

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Find out why we offer the best solution for all of your English needs. Our professional writers and editors hold degrees in a variety of fields and have at least three years of copywriting and editing experience, working for a variety of media companies. By cutting out the overhead and fees associated with larger companies [...]

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