Adjectives that Start with “R”

Posted on Jul 13, 2012

Our list of adjectives that start with “r” for writers experiencing blocks, game players, alliteration enthusiasts, and anyone else who needs adjectives starting with “r”:
rabid, racial, rackety, racy, radial, radiant, radical, radioactive, radionic, raffish, raftered, ragged, rainless, rainy, rakish, rambunctious, rampant, rancorous, random, rangy, rank, rankest, rapid, rapt, rare, rarer, rash, raspberry, raspy, ratable, rateable, rational, rationalist, rationalistic, ratty, raucous, ravenous, raw, rawboned, reactionary, readable, ready, real, realer, realest, realistic, rear, reasonable, reassuring, rebel, rebellious, recalcitrant, recent, receptive, recipient, reciprocal, reckless, recognizable, recoilless, recoverable, recovery, recreational, rectangular, rectilinear, recumbent, recurrent, recursive, red, redder, reddish, redemptive, redheaded, reduced, redundant, reedy, reflective, refractive, refractory, refreshing, regal, regional, registered, regrettable, regular, regulative, regulatory, reimburseable, related, relational, relative, relativistic, relaxed, relentless, relevant, reliable, relieved, religious, reluctant, remaining, remarkable, remedial, reminiscent, remorseful, remorseless, remote, remoter, remotest, removable, remunerative, renal, renewable, renewed, renowned, rental, repayable, repentant, repetitious, repetitive, replete, reportorial, reprehensible, representative, repressive, reproducible, reproductive, republican, repugnant, repulsive, reputable, required, researchable, resentful, resident, residential, residual, resiny, resistant, resistive, resolute, reasonable, resonant, resounding, resourceful, respectable, respectful, respective, respiratory, resplendent, responsible, responsive, restful, restive, restless, restorative, restricting, restrictive, resultant, resulting, resurgent, retail, retaliatory, retentive, reticulated, retinal, retired, retrograde, retrogressive, return, revealing, revelatory, reverent, reverse, reversible, revolting, revolutionary, rewarding, rhetorical, rheumatic, rhythmic, rhythmical, ribald, ribonucleic, rich, richer, richest, rickety, rid, ridiculous, right, righteous, rightful, rigid, rigorous, rimless, riotous, ripe, rising, risky, ritual, ritzy, rival, roaring, roasted, robust, rocky, rococo, rolling, roman, romantic, roomy, rootless, rose, rosy, rotary, rotten, rotund, rough, roughshod, round, roundabout, rousing, routine, rowdy, royal, rubber, rubbery, rubicund, rudderless, ruddy, rude, rudimentary, rugged, ruinous, ruling, runaway, rundown, running, rural, russet, Russian, rustic, rustproof, rusty, ruthless

We hope that our list is exhaustive and not exhausting. One note: If you need an adjective that starts with “r,” you can also use the “re-” prefix to many other adjectives, as with “reimbursible” below. Have fun with “R!”

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