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Proofreading is for documents that are already finished, but need a check for mistakes before they are published. Proofreading is for writers who need another set of eyes to check things, or who are just not sure about a few points. A good proofread makes sure that a well-written piece of writing is perfect.

Is your punctuation and spacing correct? Have you capitalized the right things? If you need to follow a style guide, have you followed it? Are your in-text citations and references/bibliography correct? Is your work consistent in its choices? Is it ready to be published?

If you are concerned about these things, send us your document for a proofread by experienced experts. We’ll make sure that it is 100% correct and send it back to you on time at a very reasonable price.

In some cases, a document that we are sent is not ready for proofreading and needs editing instead. In those cases, we offer an edit. Please make sure that your document is ready for a proofread before you select this service.

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