Business Proofreading

Do you need to have a finished document for work checked before you share it with others? If so, business proofreading is for you.

Business proofreading is for advertisements, web copy, blogs, press releases, memos, formal letters, reports, cover letters, CVs, and anything that you need for work.

Let us make you look good. Poorly written materials lose you jobs and money. For a low price, we can make sure that does not happen. We will make sure that your text is clear professional, and free of mistakes. Proofreading is for documents that have already been edited, and only need a final check to make sure that there are no small mistakes. It polishes a document that is already in good shape, making sure that everything is perfect.

We work as quickly as you want and are always available to discuss your texts.

Do you want your text to be in American, British, Canadian, or Australian English? Just tell us and we will make sure that everything is correct.

Find out about our prices by getting a quick quote or try our 200-word free edit.

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